The Reasons Why Using a Roof Box is Safer Than Overfilling the Car

We’ve all done it, whether it be a family holiday, transporting sports equipment or simply an unplanned shopping trip, we’ve all over packed the car! There’s various methods of squeezing everything into a car that is simply too small that we’ve all tried; whether it be putting down the back seats, feeding something between the two front seats or leaving the boot open, as much as many of us look back and laugh at these moments, they can actually be quite dangerous.

Overfilling the car effects the stability of the car and your ability to drive properly, which is why here at HandiWorld, we believe the safest way to carry cargo in your car is on the roof, hence we developed an external car storage solution that is quick and easy to set up but is still able to securely transport all your goods home!

We’re going to be sharing with you a few simple reasons why carrying your cargo on the roof is far safer than overfilling the car as well as introducing you to a couple of HandiWorld products that we truly believe could revolutionise the way you pack up the car!

Weight Distribution

One of the major problems with overfilling the car is that the weight distribution of the car is going to be seriously unbalanced, which can lead to not only making the car difficult to drive, but can put a lot of pressure on certain parts of the vehicle which could lead to damage!

If you’ve filled the boot with suitcases, flatpack furniture or anything else that is too heavy, the rear of the car is going to be far heavier than the front where the passengers are sat; this can lead to the car feeling heavy to drive and difficult to manoeuvre, but can also weigh down the suspension at the back of the car, which can cause damage to this and the tyres!

Our top car packing tip would always be to put the heaviest cargo on the roof, either inside a roof box like the HandiHoldall or simple attached securely to a roof rack, like the HandiRack. When you transport things on the roof of the car, the weight is positioned in the centre of the car, meaning it is distributed evenly over all four tyres and doesn’t weigh down one section of the car!

Clear View

Most drivers will have experienced a trip where they didn’t have full view out of the back window of their vehicle because they’d overfilled it. If you’re going on a long drive for a family trip and the luggage is piled up so high that you can’t see out of the back window, this is going to seriously hinder your ability to see other vehicles and makes your rear-view mirror useless. Driving anywhere without a full view out of all mirrors and windows is dangerous, but motorways in particular can become very challenging if you haven’t got use of your rear-view mirror or back window, making changing lanes near impossible!

By moving all your cargo on to the roof, you have a full view out of all windows and mirrors, making driving easier and safer!

Stored Securely

Another moment many drivers will have experienced when travelling with a car full of belongings, is the moment you press the brakes, and something comes flying from the back of the car, right to the front; as funny as this can be if no damage is done, this can be a real hazard and is something that should be avoided. Overfilling the car means your cargo isn’t stored securely and a lot of bags and belongings are free to move around which could be a real danger should you have to break harshly in an emergency.

When you combine the HandiRack and the HandiHoldall, you can travel with confidence that not only are your belongings being transported in a waterproof space, meaning they’re safe from damage, they’re also secured to the vehicle properly and won’t move should you have to stop harshly. By moving your luggage to the roof, you can also be sure than no one inside the vehicle is going to get hurt by flying possessions if you need to brake!


You may not think how comfortable you are when travelling has anything to do with your safety in the car, but if you’re sat in an awkward position to accommodate for your belongings, not only will you start to suffer with all kinds of aches and pains partway through the journey, but your seat belt may not be positioned properly, meaning it won’t have full effect should it need to support you.

For all passengers’ safety, you should be sat properly on your seat, facing forward, with your seatbelt flat across your body and by packing the car properly so luggage isn’t squashing anyone, you can ensure everyone is able to sit like this!

Whether you were on the hunt for road trip packing tips for an upcoming adventure or you’re simply exploring the benefits of external car storage, we hope you’ve found this useful! The HandiRack is a unique inflatable roof rack that can be simply and quickly fitted to the majority of car models and can hold up to 80kg of weight, that’s more than enough for all your belongings!

When you add the HandiHoldall to your car, you’ve provided yourself with an additional 320-litres of waterproof storage space, ensuring everything can be transported safely and securely, leaving you and your passengers more room to sit comfortably inside the car!

If you’ve improved your travelling experiences by using a roof rack and box, we’d love to know, so get in touch with us on social media!



Not every household owns a roof rack, but we think it’s fair to say that at some point in our lives, we’ve all been in a scenario where we wish we did have one. As our inflatable roof rack, the HandiRack, retails for just £65.00, we believe there’s no reason to not have one. If you’re not convinced you’ll ever require one, allow us to share with you 5 scenarios that we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to where it would have come in handy to have had a HandiRack.

The British Family Holiday

It’s a well-known fact that Brits love their holidays and although many choose to jet abroad, there’s still a huge portion of the nation that choose to stay on home turf for their summer holiday. Most of us can say we’ve experienced a family holiday in the UK, whether that be to Cornwall on the south-coast or Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast. We’ve all experienced the beauty of the British coast but also the mayhem that is packing the car for the big family car ride to our holiday destination of choice.

Are we bringing back memories of being stuffed in the back of the car with a suitcase jammed next to your head? Driving with no view from the back window thanks to luggage? The fear every time a sudden brake occurred that a suitcase would come flying to the front of the car? The car journey to your family holiday could have been far more relaxing if you’d had the help of a roof rack for all that luggage.

The Commute to See Family for Christmas

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our family on our doorsteps, so for a lot of us Christmas calls for a full family commute to stay with relatives over the festive period, and these car journeys often come with a lot of baggage.

Not only are you transporting your belongings for the duration of the trip, but there’s also all the presents and more often than not, all the festive food too and with no roof rack, there’s only one place all that cargo is being stored and that’s inside the car. With the help of a roof rack, the luggage could easily be placed on top of the vehicle, leaving room in the boot to carefully store the presents and leaving everyone enough room to travel comfortably.

The Over-Indulgent Ikea Shop

Whether it be Ikea specifically or another homeware store of your choice, we’ve all convinced ourselves that a box of flatpack furniture or a giant rolled up rug will definitely fit in the back of the car ‘with the back seats down’… but how often does that really go to plan?

We believe the HandiRack is the best roof rack on the market for the sole reason that when deflated, it can be folded compactly and stored in the boot of your car, so whenever you under-estimate the amount of room you have in the boot for transporting home giant mirrors or new furniture, you can easily attach the HandiRack and get everything home with ease.

Collecting the Christmas Tree

There’s something special about a real Christmas tree and many of us opt to go and collect a fresh one from a seller year after year but many of us have also experienced the moment where the 6-foot Christmas tree that will be the perfect size for the house, is too big for the car.

Whether the tree just won’t fit in the car or you want to avoid getting pine needles all over your vehicle, having a roof rack for transporting the tree home is bound to make life a lot easier.

The Move to University

Even if you’ve not been there, you’ll have seen the pictures of social media; when it comes moving to university, it’s quite common that everything but the kitchen sink goes with you and more often than not, all those belongings end up stuffed in the back of the car until the vehicle has reached bursting point.

So many people admit how they had to do the big move with the help of just one family member because there was no space in the car for anymore people due to all the luggage, but with the help of a roof rack, you could safely store the majority of your belongings outside the vehicle and bring the whole family along for the ride.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this reminder of all the times the car just wasn’t big enough, we’re sure many of you can relate to at least one of the above scenarios! Although we know a roof rack isn’t necessary for everyone, the HandiRack is an affordable and portable option if you want the reassurance that there’s always going to be enough room in the car, so get yours today directly from HandiWorld!



After HandiRack UK Ltd evolved into HandiWorld in 2009, our range of products gradually grew over the years, seeing the introduction of items such as the HandiHoldall in 2008 and HandiDuffel, HandiMoova and HandiKart in the years to follow.

Seeing as HandiWorld has grown so much since we started with just the HandiRack back in 2005, we thought we’d take a step back and spend some time introducing you to each item in our current product range, so you can have a full understanding of each HandiWorld product and see what we mean when we say this range of products is something special!


Starting with the product that kick started our business back in 2005, the HandiRack. A unique concept that was one of a kind when it was first launched and is now a patented roof bar system, only available at HandiWorld and our official stockists! The HandiRack is an inflatable roof rack, the perfect alternative to the classic metal roof rack.

Designed to fit most car models so everyone can enjoy the ease of this product, the HandiRack is made from a state of the art dense weave 400 denier nylon, laminated over reinforced PVC with airtight PVC high elasticity inner tubes, for an unbeatably strong construction that can carry up to 80kg of weight.

The HandiRack is designed to be quick and easy to fit to the car by simply placing the deflated roof racks across the clean and dry car roof, feeding the attachment straps from one end of the bar to the other through the inside of the car and securing with a D-ring and metal buckle fastening before inflating. Each HandiRack comes with all the parts and attachments required, as well as a wet weather kit for ensuring the best waterproof protection.


Designed to work in partnership with the HandiRack is the HandiHoldall, another unique car luggage carrying system that makes transporting heavy and bulky loads easier than ever. The HandiHoldall is an innovative 320-Litre capacity foldable roof box, made from a strong, durable and waterproof polyester tarpaulin laminated with PVC.

Designed to protect all your gear from the elements, this highly weatherproof soft roof box weighs just 4.75kg, making it easier to handle and transport than many classic roof boxes.The HandiHoldall is versatile in the sense it can be attached to the car via either standard metal roof bars or our patented HandiRack system. The HandiWorld signature roof bag comes with all the required fixtures for quick and easy attachment to your vehicle.


We decided after the great response to the unique yet effective HandiWorld luggage transport systems we had launched, we would turn our hands to luggage itself, which is where the HandiDuffel was born. This waterproof duffel bag is available with either a 95-litre or 135-litre capacity, ideal for using alone as a practical and spacious luggage option or in collaboration with our HandiHoldall for transporting easily on the roof of your car.

Made from a strong and waterproof polyester tarpaulin material such as the HandiHoldall, this robust piece of luggage is ideal for keeping your belongings safe and secure, either on the roof of your car or on a plane.The sleek design of the HandiDuffel makes it perfect for the whole family to use and it comes with a solid base when purchased with the HandiHoldall to give the bag the perfect rigidity for transporting.


Luggage transportation is our speciality here at HandiWorld, but we decided it was time to branch out further than just car systems and create a wheeled trolley that would work as smoothly on rocky terrain as it would smooth, which is where the idea for the HandiMoova came from.

Multiple boxes or bags you want to move at once? Simply pile them up on the base of the HandiMoova all-terrain trolley, strap in securely with the provided bungee cords and wheel to your desired destination. The HandiMoova is designed with Camba Wheel Technology to be smooth running, durable and functional on all-terrains. Weighing just 6.25kg itself, the HandiMoova can easily hold up to 60kg worth of cargo and is fitted with an adjustable handle for easy moving.


After launching the HandiRack, we soon learnt that one of our biggest fans was the kayaking and canoeing community, so we looked to offer a solution to one of their biggest challenges, transporting their kayaks or canoes easily and quickly and that is why we created the HandiKart.

A specially designed kayak trolley, designed with the Camba Wheel Technology showcased in the HandiMoova, for strength and durability, the HandiKart can easily take the weight of a standard kayak or canoe and allows you to easily transport your vessel from the car to the water.

The HandiKart itself weighs just 4kg and is just 56cm long, making it easy to transport, but don’t let the small and light size deceive you, the HandiKart is made from polyurethane foam and fabricated with 304 grade stainless steel, meaning this kayak trolley is made to last.

We also stock a range of accessories to match our HandiWorld products including pumps to inflate the roof rack, bungee cords for use with the HandiMoova and the HandiSac, a 190-litre multipurpose bag that keeps belongings protected and secure when being towed on the HandiMoova.

We hope you’ve found this introduction to our product range useful, if you’d like to know anymore about any of our products, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to chat with you about any of our range!



Camba wheel technology sits at the heart of the HandiMoova – our all-terrain cart which helps people shift loads of up to 60kg over rough environments including grass, sand and gravel and up and down stairs with ease.Our Camba Technology has been designed over three years by a London-based design agency, Therefore Product Design.The Camba technology heralds hemi-spherical shaped wheels which are mounted on separate, inclined floating axles – a unique advancement in wheel technology that constantly optimizes the rolling performance and footprint of each wheel.

 our video to understand how it works.