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How to Organise Your Move to University

The time has come for freshers all over the country to relocate to their new home at university but there’s no denying that the move to uni is a big operation.

No matter how light you try to pack, it’s inevitable that there’s going to be a lot of stuff you need to take with you to set yourself up in your new accommodation, so we’re going to be sharing with you some top tips to help you organise your move and get as much in the car as possible.

  1. Pack Your Stuff in Bags/Boxes You’ll Use at Uni

The classic cardboard boxes may be a practical option for packing up your stuff but packing like that can not only get expensive with having to buy all the boxes but will also be a nightmare when it comes to unpacking at the other end.

What do you do with all those cardboard boxes when you get your new room? Bin them? Shove them under your bed? Make your parents take them back with them? The best way to utilise the space in the back of the car and in your new room is to pack your stuff in bags and boxes you’ll use when you’re at uni.

Pack your clothes in suitcases because you’ll need those for trips with your course or when you come home to visit. If you’re taking storage boxes to decorate your room with, fill them with your stuff instead of random plastic boxes you won’t need once you’re unpacked.

This tip helps maximise room in the back of the car and reduces how much stuff your parents will be lugging back with them.

  1. Unbox/Unwrap Anything with Excess Packaging

Things like bedding, new storage units and so on, they’re probably all wrapped in so many layers of unnecessary packaging that is not only bulky and makes things twice the size for packing but you’ll also have to get rid of all that packaging when you’re done unpacking in your new room.

Unboxing or unwrapping new things you’ve bought will reduce them in size and make them easier to pack, leaving more room in the car for other things.

  1. Invest in a Roof Box

We’re more talking to the parents reading now, desperately wondering how they’re going to cram all their child’s belongings into the boot before making the cross-country drive – don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate car storage solution.

The HandiRack and HandiHoldall are the ultimate pair to help you get everything you need in the car ready for the journey ahead. There’s going to be a lot of stuff, so we’d recommend going all out with the HandiRack and 400-litre HandiHoldall bundle to provide yourself with the optimum amount of room.

The HandiRack is an inflatable roof rack that fits to most cars with a hard roof and no metal roof bars and can be attached in minutes whilst the 400-litre HandiHoldall is our largest capacity soft roof box that can hold plenty of belongings and is totally waterproof, hence these two items are must-have accessories for the university move.

  1. Pack Your Heaviest Items into the Car First

Try and be methodical when packing the car and don’t try and throw suitcases full of clothes on top of that new mirror you’ve bought, you’ll soon hear a smash.

When you’re getting ready to start packing, bring everything out the house in order, starting with the heaviest items as they need to go in first. Don’t be fooled though, the heaviest items aren’t always the largest, so you’ll have to pick everything up and go off how it feels opposed to how big it looks.

Getting to university and realising half of what you’ve brought is broken because you didn’t pack properly is not a great start.

  1. Use a Check List

Whether you download a ‘what to pack for university’ list off the internet or simply write out your own with all the things you want and need to take, having a checklist to use as you’re loading up the car will stop you realising halfway down the motorway that you forgot something you either really wanted to bring or really needed.

Check off your list as you’re packing your stuff into bags and boxes and then check it all off again when you’re loading up the car, this way you can be 100% sure you’ve got everything you could possibly want or need.

The university move can feel pretty overwhelming but hopefully, with the help of these top tips, you’ll be able to make light work of heading off to your new home!

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5 Tips to Ensure You’re Always on Time for the Morning School Run

Schools all across the UK are heading back this week if they’ve not already which means for parents everywhere, the dreaded morning school run that just hasn’t been a worry for the last 6 weeks is going to be coming back with vengeance.

The first couple of weeks back can be tough, everyone is out of their usual routine, no one remembered quite how tight you were for time on weekday mornings and generally, you just can’t get your head around where the last 6 weeks have gone but with these top 5 tips, you’ll never be late for the morning school run again.

  1. Pack All Bags the Night Before

Every parent who does the morning school run will be familiar with the struggle of finding everything you need and getting it into the school bag or the sports bag or the lunch box, all whilst running around trying to do everything else that needs doing, so the simple solution is, pack all bags the night before.

Whether it’s putting their pencil case in their book bag, filling up their drinks bottle and putting it in the lunch box or making sure their PE kit is packed, make yourself a checklist for everything they need for each day and make sure it is ready the night before.

  1. Set Designated Places for Everything

Whether it’s lost shoes, missing ties or coats that just seem to not be in the house anymore, the struggle of trying to find all the clothes your kids need to put on in a morning for school somehow turns into a real challenge when you’re in a rush, so setting designated places for everything makes life a lot easier.

If you make sure that everything is returned to its set place the night before it will ensure everyone knows exactly where to find anything they need and should make your morning a lot calmer.

  1. Keep Essentials in the Car

Most parents will be able to recall an occasion where they’ve made it to the car, think they’re ready to go and then realise they forgot to brush the kids’ hair or they’ve got toothpaste around their mouth and if you’ve not got a stash of essentials in the car, that can easily escalate into a stressful situation.

We recommend getting a back seat organiser like the ones we have available here at HandiWorld and stocking it up with things like hairbrushes, wet wipes and tissues, so even if you do forget to do something, you can sort it in the car!

  1. Quick and Easy Breakfasts are a Must

As much as we’d all love to spend hours in the kitchen preparing hearty, nutritious breakfasts for our kids before school, not many of us have the time but it is important that children get a good breakfast before the school day starts, so quick, easy and healthy breakfasts are a must.

Cereal and toast with fruit is always a go-to but things like overnight oats, homemade breakfast bars and egg muffins are quick and easy to do and will keep children full all morning. Buzzfeed have done a whole article with over 20 different healthy breakfast ideas which is great for inspiration.

  1. Don’t Wake the Kids Up TOO Early

You might have thought that the earlier you all get up, the more time you’ll have to get ready and the less likely you are to be late but waking your kids up too early can actually have the opposite effect.

A top tip for parents is to get yourself up and ready for the day before you wake the kids up and once they’re awake, you can focus all your attention on getting them ready and out the door as you’re already sorted, helping to eliminate the stress of rushing around trying to get both them and you sorted.

Waking the kids up too early can also end up with them spending more time watching TV or playing than actually getting ready.

Take the stress out of the morning school run by following these top 5 tips for keeping your school mornings calm and easy.

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