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KUNGS Range of Winter Products

Introducing the KUNGS Winter Range (exclusively at

Quality ice scrapers and winter accessories for your car

Is the Beast from the East that hit us in March 2018 about to return in the next few weeks? It’s the same old story; some say it is, some say it isn’t, and no-one will really know until nearer the time, if it strikes at all. But if there’s one thing us Brits love, it’s speculating on the weather.

Whether the Beast returns or not, it’s fair to say that the weather will probably get worse over the coming weeks – it usually does! It’s not unusual for it to snow in January and February – indeed in 2018, it was the end of February when the worst of the wintry weather hit the UK, and there was a smaller encore in March. Just because we didn’t have a white Christmas and we seem to have made it into the New Year with reasonably mild weather does not mean we have made it safely to spring just yet.

Whatever the outcome, it’s always best to be prepared for every eventuality. Before the bad weather strikes, you could do these ten things to prepare for winter, for you, your home and for your car.

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Tips for Winter Motoring

Our main area of expertise is travel and adventure. While the snow and ice may make your daily travels more of an adventure, when you want to be at work, or doing the school run, it can get a bit tedious and more dangerous. In cases of really bad weather, travel at all can be impossible and the odd snow-day or a day working from home could be for the best!

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For those days where travel is possible but the winter weather is impacting, then good management goes a long way. The Met Office have provided a useful list of vehicle checks to make before a journey, which become more important in times of bad weather. It’s also a good time to check that you have cold weather kit in your car such as a blanket, a shovel, and tyre mats, just in case.

Is it illegal to drive with an icy windscreen?

One question we see being asked is if, as a motorist, you can be prosecuted for not clearing your icy windscreen fully? The short answer is yes you can. While the law isn’t totally clear, it is an offence to cause danger to others. Not demisting your windscreen inside and out, and having snow on your car’s roof which could fly off could potentially cause problems for yourself and others.

Check out this advice from the RAC.

This article has some examples of when motorists haven’t taken care to defrost their cars and have paid the price.

How do I demist my windscreen effectively?

Want some advice on how to demist your car’s windscreen? This article from the RAC is very good and will get you stocking up on shaving foam!

What’s the best ice scraper?

Well, it’s kind of you to ask! While we don’t profess to have tried out every single ice scraper available, we do know that the ones we stock from KUNGS are very, very good. They are designed and manufactured for motorists in Finland, and they know a thing or two about motoring through snow and ice.

Helsinki in the snow, photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

KUNGS winter products are designed, tested and manufactured in extreme Finnish winter conditions in their own factory in Kokemäki, Finland. The KUNGS philosophy is to produce the best products in each segment. KUNGS are a growing, family business, and take a great pride of being today the market leader in Northern Europe for car winter accessories.

Have you ever had to drive in Finland? Here are some tips.

We are stockists of KUNGS winter products in the UK. We have four products available, all top quality, and all designed to help you through the wintriest of winters.

1) KUNGS Arctic-IS Ice Scraper

This is an ice-scraper in a glove and we can vouch that it is extremely comfortable and warm. The ice-scraper is ultra-strong, being made from frost-proof polycarbonate, and it includes several features that really add utility to it such as a wiper blade clearing notch. It also comes with a 3-year warranty – you can’t say that about your average pound shop ice-scraper!

Learn more about this brilliant ice-scraper glove by clicking here.