HandiRack Anti-slip Pads

HandiRack Anti-slip Pads



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These HandiRack Anti-slip Pads come in a pack of 2.

If you are intending to use a HandiRack on a longer trip, then these new anti-slip pads are a great solution. They provide additional stability and will stop any movement of the rack over the course of the journey. They will also stop sand and other small particles from getting trapped between the HandiRack and the roof of the car.

These 98cm x 34cm pads are made from a soft hi-grip material. They are tailored to sit on the roof of the car underneath the HandiRack and can be cut to size if necessary.

If you’re keen to read more about the technical specification of this product or have any unanswered questions, please visit the FAQs section.Click here to read what customers are saying about HandiWorld.

We’re here to help and so if you have a question, please send us an email at info@handiworld.com. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
  • Hi Grip
  • Each pad measures 98cm x 34cm
  • Tailored to fit underneath the HandiRack
  • Can be used with a HandiRack
  • Provides additional stability over longer journeys
  • Can be cut to size
  • Soft material