CAMBA Moova Hand Truck

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What's Included


The CAMBA Moova sack barrow is a really smart idea. It enables you to shift loads of up to 100kg across all terrains using much less effort than other hand trucks.

How? It features British designed and patented CAMBA wheels. This clever technology allows loads to be moved with reduced effort, increased stability with greater control for the operator. It constantly optimizes the rolling performance and footprint of each wheel. CAMBA wheels create a suspension that helps keep your load stable at all times.

The CAMBA Moova is designed with versatility and convenience in mind. With a capacity of 100kg it’s capable of transporting many different kinds of loads in all types of environments. Furthermore it can be folded up when not in use for compact storage.

The CAMBA Moova helps you to make easy work of steps, kerbs, sand, gravel, cobbles, shingle, mud and grass. The very types of terrain that hobbyists encounter.

The CAMBA Moova sack barrow features an aluminium frame and you don’t have to worry about punctures as its tyres are puncture proof. The handle is telescopic and for storage, the wheels fold neatly when the load plate is lifted. Tough, compact and light, we have rigorously tested the CAMBA Moova in outdoor and urban environments. It’s backed by a one year warranty against manufacturing defect.

To add to the load carrying versatility of the CAMBA Moova, one of our 135 or 95 litre HandiDuffels can be easily attached.

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CAMBA Moova Features
  • Aluminium frame for strength and lightness
  • 265 mm diameter CAMBA wheels with floating independent axles
  • 90 mm width tyres
  • 2 x high quality sealed ball bearings per wheel to optimize rolling performance
  • Rubber handle grip for comfort
  • Adjustable telescopic handle
  • Rotating grab handles
  • Simple to use handle push button release
  • Folding mechanism allows load plate and wheels to open together
  • Backed by a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defect
CAMBA Moova Benefits
  • Easier to pull over obstacles and rough ground
  • Performs efficient step and stair climbing
  • Wheels constantly adjust to smooth or rough surfaces to keep the
  • load stable and balanced
  • Greater control when lowering a load down steps, stairs or kerbs
  • Tyre surface area automatically adapts to soft or hard terrains
  • Ergonomic design places less strain on the arms, shoulders and neck
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Heavy duty with a 100 kg load capacity
  • Easier to manoeuvre thanks to folding grab handles
CAMBA Technology

Revolutionary British engineered CAMBA technology, with its hemispherical wheels distributing an active variable footprint, intuitively adapting to all-terrain, and its unique three-dimensional floating axle, which delivers a natural walking suspension, gives users the freedom to move loads effortlessly in any environment.

Click on the video below to see how CAMBA wheels make a difference.

Those who love gardening, DIY or outdoor hobbies will all enjoy the benefits that the CAMBA brings - an active lifestyle, with less hassle.

CAMBA Benefits

Intuitive Motion

Revolutionary CAMBA wheel design intuitively adapts to all-terrain–smooth to rough–taking the hassle out of transporting loads.

Reduces physical strain

The unique walking capability of CAMBA’s technology reduces the strain of moving heavy loads over rough or uneven terrain.

Ensures stable load bearing

The signature CAMBA floating axle, which allows each wheel to move independently, ensures the load is stable and balanced at all times, even when pulling loads up or down steps and stairs.

Offers ultimate control

The combination of CAMBA’s revolutionary wheel design, with intuitive motion across all terrain and floating axle suspension technology, for a stable and balanced load at all times, delivers the ultimate control to move anywhere, effortlessly.