What is the capacity of a HandiDuffel?

The HandiDuffel is available in two capacities of either 95 or 135 litres.


What are the dimensions of a HandiDuffel?

110cm x 35cm x 35cm (135 litre) or 85m x 35cm x 35cm (95 litre).


Is the HandiDuffel waterproof?

The HandiDuffel is fully waterproof as it is manufactured utilising dry bag technology.


How many HandiDuffels fit inside a HandiHoldall?



How does the 135 litre HandiDuffel attach to the HandiRack?

The 2 x 3metre HandiStraps that come with the HandiRack are used to secure the HandiDuffel. The 135 litre HandiDuffel has loops on both sides specifically for this purpose.


When the 135 litre HandiDuffel is attached to a HandiRack, will the bottom of the bag sag?

A solid base is supplied with the 135 litre HandiDuffel when purchased with a HandiRack.  This will give the HandiDuffel the required rigidity.


How much weight can be placed in the HandiDuffel when used with a HandiRack?

20kg max.