HandiKart Kayak & Canoe Trolley

HandiKart Kayak & Canoe Trolley




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Our mission at HandiWorld is to make your portage as easy as possible. We understand that moving sea kayaks, multi-person sit-on-tops and open canoes around can be a tough job. It’s made even harder when your craft is loaded with lots of gear! Therefore it’s vital that you choose the right kayak trolley for the job.

We believe in smart moving – protecting you the paddler and your precious load. To achieve this we’ve reinvented the wheel and created a kayak trolley that makes your portage from the car to the water’s edge as safe and effortless as possible.

Stylish, versatile and easy to use the HandiKart is different from every other kayak trolley. Why? Because it features patented CAMBA technology. Hemi-spherical wheels mounted on inclined axles.

Now for the clever bit. Devised and developed in the UK, CAMBA wheels provide multi-terrain rolling performance. They feature an Active Variable Footprint whereby the point of contact on hard surfaces is optimised and the wheel intuitively adapts to softer surfaces (such as sand) to create a wider footprint. It’s all in the geometry.

The frame of the HandiKart kayak trolley is high quality 304 marine grade stainless steel. For added peace of mind we’ve made the PU rubber tyres puncture proof. Furthermore you can fold up the HandiKart into a compact size so that it’s easily stowed in a kayak hatch. We’ve also made it easy to quickly dismantle the HandiKart for when space is really at a premium.

For further information including technical specifications or if you have any unanswered questions, please visit the FAQs section. Click here to read what customers are saying about HandiWorld.

We’re here to help and so if you have a question, please send us an email at info@handiworld.com. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Features & Benefits
  • Multi-terrain CAMBA wheel technology
  • Active variable footprint (AVF)
  • One person operation
  • Unrivalled stability
  • Click on and off rugged wheels
  • Easy to carry, store and load
  • Self leveling ability for ease of loading
  • Supports static loads of up to 120kg
  • Suitable for kayaks, canoes and small boats
  • Exceptional levels of maneuverability
  • High ground clearance

Additional information

Weight 45 kg