After HandiRack UK Ltd evolved into HandiWorld in 2009, our range of products gradually grew over the years, seeing the introduction of items such as the HandiHoldall in 2008 and HandiDuffel, HandiMoova and HandiKart in the years to follow.

Seeing as HandiWorld has grown so much since we started with just the HandiRack back in 2005, we thought we’d take a step back and spend some time introducing you to each item in our current product range, so you can have a full understanding of each HandiWorld product and see what we mean when we say this range of products is something special!


Starting with the product that kick started our business back in 2005, the HandiRack. A unique concept that was one of a kind when it was first launched and is now a patented roof bar system, only available at HandiWorld and our official stockists! The HandiRack is an inflatable roof rack, the perfect alternative to the classic metal roof rack.

Designed to fit most car models so everyone can enjoy the ease of this product, the HandiRack is made from a state of the art dense weave 400 denier nylon, laminated over reinforced PVC with airtight PVC high elasticity inner tubes, for an unbeatably strong construction that can carry up to 80kg of weight.

The HandiRack is designed to be quick and easy to fit to the car by simply placing the deflated roof racks across the clean and dry car roof, feeding the attachment straps from one end of the bar to the other through the inside of the car and securing with a D-ring and metal buckle fastening before inflating. Each HandiRack comes with all the parts and attachments required, as well as a wet weather kit for ensuring the best waterproof protection.


Designed to work in partnership with the HandiRack is the HandiHoldall, another unique car luggage carrying system that makes transporting heavy and bulky loads easier than ever. The HandiHoldall is an innovative 320-Litre capacity foldable roof box, made from a strong, durable and waterproof polyester tarpaulin laminated with PVC.

Designed to protect all your gear from the elements, this highly weatherproof soft roof box weighs just 4.75kg, making it easier to handle and transport than many classic roof boxes.The HandiHoldall is versatile in the sense it can be attached to the car via either standard metal roof bars or our patented HandiRack system. The HandiWorld signature roof bag comes with all the required fixtures for quick and easy attachment to your vehicle.


We decided after the great response to the unique yet effective HandiWorld luggage transport systems we had launched, we would turn our hands to luggage itself, which is where the HandiDuffel was born. This waterproof duffel bag is available with either a 95-litre or 135-litre capacity, ideal for using alone as a practical and spacious luggage option or in collaboration with our HandiHoldall for transporting easily on the roof of your car.

Made from a strong and waterproof polyester tarpaulin material such as the HandiHoldall, this robust piece of luggage is ideal for keeping your belongings safe and secure, either on the roof of your car or on a plane.The sleek design of the HandiDuffel makes it perfect for the whole family to use and it comes with a solid base when purchased with the HandiHoldall to give the bag the perfect rigidity for transporting.


Luggage transportation is our speciality here at HandiWorld, but we decided it was time to branch out further than just car systems and create a wheeled trolley that would work as smoothly on rocky terrain as it would smooth, which is where the idea for the HandiMoova came from.

Multiple boxes or bags you want to move at once? Simply pile them up on the base of the HandiMoova all-terrain trolley, strap in securely with the provided bungee cords and wheel to your desired destination. The HandiMoova is designed with Camba Wheel Technology to be smooth running, durable and functional on all-terrains. Weighing just 6.25kg itself, the HandiMoova can easily hold up to 60kg worth of cargo and is fitted with an adjustable handle for easy moving.


After launching the HandiRack, we soon learnt that one of our biggest fans was the kayaking and canoeing community, so we looked to offer a solution to one of their biggest challenges, transporting their kayaks or canoes easily and quickly and that is why we created the HandiKart.

A specially designed kayak trolley, designed with the Camba Wheel Technology showcased in the HandiMoova, for strength and durability, the HandiKart can easily take the weight of a standard kayak or canoe and allows you to easily transport your vessel from the car to the water.

The HandiKart itself weighs just 4kg and is just 56cm long, making it easy to transport, but don’t let the small and light size deceive you, the HandiKart is made from polyurethane foam and fabricated with 304 grade stainless steel, meaning this kayak trolley is made to last.

We also stock a range of accessories to match our HandiWorld products including pumps to inflate the roof rack, bungee cords for use with the HandiMoova and the HandiSac, a 190-litre multipurpose bag that keeps belongings protected and secure when being towed on the HandiMoova.

We hope you’ve found this introduction to our product range useful, if you’d like to know anymore about any of our products, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to chat with you about any of our range!

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