Paddle Sports

HandiRack Inflatable Roof Bars

The HandiRack has established itself as a trusted roof rack and load carrier for paddlers all around the world. It’s quick and simple to use and furthermore it fits most cars. A HandiPump and 2 x 3 metre HandiStraps are all inlcuded and so the HandiRack is ready to be used ‘out of the box’. The inflatable bars cushion loads during transit ensuring that precious equipment remains undamaged. The HandiRack is suitable for any sized kayak or canoe.

Moving a kayak or canoe that is full of gear across a beach or rough terrain provides a real challenge. The HandiKart portage trolley with its patented CAMBA wheels makes the task just that bit easier. The CAMBA wheels are designed to work on all terrains and cleverly automatically adapt to whatever surface they are rolling on. It also breaks down to a size that allows it to be stored in the hatch of a kayak.