Road Trips

HandiHoldall 400 Litres Waterproof Soft Roof Box

There is always so much gear that needs to be taken on a road trip. The question is how will it all fit in the car? HandiWorld solutions allow motorists to use the roof of the car as an additional storage space. Roof boxes have been around for a long time, but they present a storage issue when not in use and they can only be attached to traditional metal roof bars which are often specific to make and model of car.

The combination of the HandiRack and one of our HandiHoldalls can offer up to an extra 400 litres of storage. That’s a couple of big bags of clothes and some sleeping bags plus more. We’ve designed these items to be easy to use and they can be attached to the car in just a matter of minutes. The HandiRack fits most cars and all of the HandiHoldall models can be used with either a HandiRack or traditional metal roof bars.

So now you can get on the road with everything that you need without having to make choices.