Five ways a HandiRack could be just what you need to help with Christmas

Now the clocks have changed and the nights are drawing in, for many thoughts have turned towards Christmas time. After the most unusual Christmas last year, hopefully plans for the festive season will be easier to make this year.

We’ve put together a list of five ways that HandiRack roof bars, could help your home this Christmas. Our best-selling product, the HandiRack often conjures up images of holidays with family in the summer and travels around the UK and Europe. An item that gets deflated and put away in your car boot or garage until the next spring. Well, not this year we say!

Here’s 5 ways a HandiRack can help you this Christmas!

  • 1 – Family & Friends

If you missed out on festive catch ups with loved ones last year, hopefully this year will be much more family and friends orientated. If you have relatives coming to stay then they may well need lifts or dropping off at train stations or airports. With them will come their luggage; no need to worry if your car isn’t big enough, your HandiRack will make sure the car can fit your loved ones comfortably in and their luggage on top.

  • 2 – Present Drop Offs

Planning to do lots of visiting and present drop offs? Instead of piling the car high and not having enough space to fit yourselves in comfortably, make the most of the space on top of your car. Fill a suitcase or HandiHoldall with presents and keep seat space for those who need it. If you like to do a Christmas Eve round trip fitting in all the nieces, nephews and cousins, quickly inflate your HandiRack to help you be your very own Santa.


3 – Christmas Tree

Pick up the Christmas tree! They almost never fit properly into your car and when they do needles go everywhere. Fit your portable HandiRack in minutes and get yourself down to the garden centre knowing your car can stay needle free! Even better, once it’s time to replant or recycle your tree you’ll still be able to move it safely to its new home.

4 – Household Waste and Christmas Recycling

Post-Christmas tip runs. We all do it, too much cardboard from gifts or an extra bottle or two from parties, household disposal sites are always busy after Christmas and into the New Year. Lots of folks use the festive break (if they have one) to begin spring cleaning and often unused, unwanted items of furniture make their way to the tip. Your HandiRack can help with all of this, pop your broken bench on top or load up an old case with cardboard. See your HandiRack as an extension to your car for every time when you need more space.

  • 5 – The Perfect Present

Give someone a HandiRack as a GIFT. You know how amazing the HandiRack is, you know how many different tasks and jobs you use it for, why not give one to someone who needs that flexibility in their life too!

There are so many more ways our HandiRack roof bars can help this festive season, moving stock for the school Christmas Fairs, coping with those unexpected bulky bargain buys in the January sales or picking up DIY supplies for the holidays, whatever you use yours for, we hope your HandiRack helps you and your family in every way this festive season.